Excelon Group is a Melbourne-based property development company established in 2011 to create unique residential projects purpose designed for the niche market.

Although each of our projects will have a different set of particulars depending on its location, the Excelon ethos is always to create homes that are a perfect fit for a specific lifestyle rather than generic dwellings that are acceptable for anyone.

By joining hands with our network of collaborators consisting of leading consultants, experts,  builders and financiers, we control every aspect of project delivery to ensure that our residences reflect Excelon's exacting standards and superlative quality.




The founding principle of Six Degrees is to address human needs through the built form.

Alive to the social and cultural aspects of place, we design aesthetic, functional and sustainable buildings – we believe buildings should be a joy to inhabit. Six Degrees Architects focus is always on creating authentic and activated spaces.

Our design is based on our passion for history, observation and analysis of human behaviour. We focus on what drives behaviour, how design can provide a stage for living and how it can help enable the best in human interaction.