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Clyde Mews is a design-focused development of eight contemporary residences created to be an oasis of community living.

Established by developer Excelon Projects in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects, Clyde Mews exemplifies our ethos: to create purpose-built homes that are timelessly designed, environmentally conscious and community focused.


Inspired by the architectural works of Walter Burley Griffin and Graeme Gunn, Clyde Mews has maintained outer-suburb amenities within what is fast becoming a medium density inner-suburban area.


Meticulously planned to forge a sense of community while maintaining privacy - the design of Clyde Mews includes communal areas with edible gardens and a reclaimed timber board path, encouraging social interaction and a sense of community among neighbours.


Townhouses in Clyde Mews achieve an average NatHERS rating of 7.5 stars

Water Efficiencies

Clyde Mews is equipped with a 30,000 litre underground water tank that collects and stores water from the rooftops. This water is then used to flush toilets, fill washing machines and irrigate the communal edible gardens.

Edible Gardens

The dwellings in Clyde Mews are clustered around a generous garden plot, providing an area where residents can grow, maintain and harvest their own fruits and vegetables.

Solar Power

Each Clyde Mews home is equipped with Canadian Solar PV solar panels together with Fronius solar inverters including an energy monitoring system.

Sustainability and Recycled Materials

Clyde Mews is constructed using a variety of refurbished and recycled materials, from the timber board path made of recycled railway sleepers, to the communal mailbox enclosure, made using reclaimed bricks.

The outdoor timber decking of each dwelling is built using sustainably harvested timber.

Modern Heating and Cooling Amenities

Aerotron ceiling fans designed for efficiency and quietness are deployed throughout each dwelling

Hydronic heaters in all townhouses provide a gentle, non-drying, low energy radiant heat for the colder months.

Passive Heating and Cooling

Clyde Mews incorporates various passive design features, so each dwelling requires minimal energy to achieve optimal living temperatures. These include:

  • Exposed concrete slab creates a thermal mass. In winter, it absorbs heat from the sun during the day and releases the heat gradually through the night when it is cooler

  • Cross-flow ventilation encourages natural cooling in the summer months by increasing air flow and allowing hot air to escape

  • Pitched roof design with high sloping ceilings together with openable roof vents allow hot air to rise and escape

  • All windows except louvre windows are double-glazed

  • Extensive pergolas and awnings, provides a framework for vines to spread and form a lush canopy. In the summer, this provides shade and in winter when the vines loses its leaves, allows the sun to warm the dwellings